#430 MicroMousePad

​​Portable Screen Cleaner

MousePad & Keyboard Cover for Laptops and Desktop Computers with bottom Grip

Items Updated with 2017 Pricing

#400 MicroGrip

Portable Screen Cleaner with Strong Non-Slip Grip

for your Car Dashboard, on your Desk, on Tables

or whatever surface you need it to stay on!

#620 MicroPad

​Portable Mouse Pad & Microfiber Screen Cleaner

for iPads, Tablets, Laptops and E-Readers!

#640 MicroCloth

​​​Portable Microfiber Screen Cleaner for Smart Phones, Glasses, Lenses, Laptops, E-Readers,

Tablets and other electronic devices. 

ASI 62135   SAGE 63560

#600 MicroClean

​​​​Portable Microfiber Adhesive Screen Cleaner

for Smart Phones, All Electronic Devices,

Lenses & Glasses!

#650 MicroStand

​​Portable Phone Stand & Screen Cleaner

Attach to the back watch videos on the go!

600 - MicroClean